Who? Highways Professionals

What? An application enabling easy access to MasterMap Data

Why? Provides seamless access to Ordnance Survey MasterMap Data within the AutoCAD environment

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KeyOSC (‘Ordnance Survey Companion’) is an application providing an easy way to access Ordnance Survey MasterMap mapping in the AutoCAD environment. KeyOSC connects to a spatial database providing seamless maps of increasing detail as you zoom in.

KeyOSC supports the loading of map tile drawings, stitching these together to make one, seamless, map.

KeyOSC enables MasterMap data stored in either an Oracle or SQL Server database to be loaded seamlessly within the AutoCAD environment. It can interact directly with your corporate datasets built using such systems as Dotted eyes' SuperpOSE, Snowflake Software's GO loader or Safe Software's FME. The maps loaded into AutoCAD can be used as a simple, transient overlay, supporting ‘GIS’ activities such as the analysis of road accident locations, or for a base map for your scheme design.


What People are Saying

There are a number of features within KeyOSC Mapper that make putting engineering drawings together much quicker. The loading buffer feature is great for producing engineering drawings that cover a long length of road and is very quick and easy to use.

Kevin Skillings, Nottinghamshire County Council

KeyOSC Highlights

  • Seamless and fast access to MasterMap data within AutoCAD

  • Different levels of map detail can be loaded

  • View historical mapping through the management of 'change only' updates

  • Provides a gazetteer based on the National Street Gazetteer data to quickly zoom to a required area
  • Traditional tile-based maps can also be created and viewed

KeyOSC in Detail

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