Keysoft Solutions and Siemens

Keysoft Solutions and Siemens Collaboration Signals Revolutionary Approach to Traffic Signal Design

Written by: Keysoft Solutions

Keysoft Solutions is pleased to announce a collaboration with global engineering and technology services conglomerate, Siemens.

The collaboration sees Keysoft Solutions’ signal design software, KeySIGNALS, extended to enable both Siemens and existing KeySIGNALS customers to design distributed traffic signal installations.

The new ST950 Plus+ system uses four simple core cables and intelligent communications to significantly reduce the installation costs and maintenance time which improves intersection up-time and availability.

Keysoft Solutions Director Will Baron says, “It was amazing to see how quickly Siemens ran with the new functionality we provided for them in KeySIGNALS. They quickly integrated their offering to enable the design of the new distributed system in CAD, producing incredible results using our tools. We look forward to further enhancements in the future.”

Whilst KeySIGNALS has traditionally been used as a drawing tool for signals engineers to lay out and plan the civil side of signal installations, Keysoft Solutions extended the product to accommodate the design and testing of the new ST950 Plus+ system. This turns on its head the way signal engineers will use KeySIGNALS.

On behalf of Siemens, Keith Manston, Head of Product Management comments, “the new version of KeySIGNALS software developed by Keysoft Solutions has formed an integral part of the recent launch of Siemens Plus+, an exciting new generation of traffic control system. This demonstrates how both companies are leading innovation in the industry.”

Manston adds, “Working with Keysoft Solutions, the newly developed Plusintersection design tool is an AutoCAD plugin which works with the latest version of AutoCAD and the new KeySIGNALS software. The design tool is a key aid to simplify the necessary design tasks for a Plus+ intersection, allowing traffic signal design engineers and approving authorities to easily determine the most suitable and economic Plus+ cable structure throughout an intersection”.

For more information visit the Siemens website.